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Coroplastered Walls

Mike Meeks from FUMC Arkadelphia in Arkadelphia, Arkansas brings us this Coroplast design.

From Mike: We took our inspiration from The Long Weave. We had pallets for the past 4 years and decided it was time for a change. At the very beginning, we found out that running the horizontal wouldn’t work, so we changed to run them vertically and it turned out better than expected.

First, we had to paint all the walls with flat black paint.

We used white 4mm Coroplast board and cut it into 12″ X 48″ sections. We used a table saw with a fine tooth blade to make sure we cut everything straight. We attached it to the wall with black velcro and made a couple of template jigs to keep our 4″ spacing consistent. With some patience, coffee, and an OCD band member we were able to keep the uniformity of the design across multiple surfaces.

10 sheets of Coroplast= $200
5 gallons of flat black paint= $100
5 rolls of velcro= $100

Everything else was repurposed from prior designs.

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9 responses to “Coroplastered Walls”

  1. Kwesi says:

    Great settings. I like it. i want to know where to get a coroplast as tall n wide in the image. I been searching for days… Please help. I need it for my church settings

    • Mike Meeks says:

      We bought it from a local sign shop in 4’X8′ sheets. You can also find them online as well.

      We then took their advice and cut it with a table saw with a fine tooth blade. We cut each piece into 12″ X 48″ section (so we got eight out of each sheet). You could cut it with a utility knife, but make sure you use a straight edge (and watch your fingers)

  2. Kwesi says:

    very nice background…..I need to build one like this in my church. Been searching for coroplast for long. Please where do I get a coroplast as wide and tall as in the image. need for my church setting. Thank You

  3. ify nzeh says:

    Nice work guys. I really what you guys did.
    I want to do same for my church community this summer to engage our youths.
    I need to know what type of light used and the name of the backdrop light.
    thank you

  4. Dayna says:

    What is the
    Corplast attached to?

    • Mike Meeks says:

      In the back, it’s just attached to the walls which we painted black. To each side of the stage, they are attached to movable walls that are made out of a 2×2 frame and sheeted with thin paneling and painted black as well. Everything is attached by velcro.

  5. Roy says:

    Tiene otro nombre ese material soy de perú me encantaria saberlo. Muchas gracias

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