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The Stage Behind the Lights

Joel Mevis from Gateway Life Church in Nashville, TN brings us these awesome light fixtures they made that transform their traditional space.

From Joel: First off we are a mobile church so we had a unique challenge (we rent from another traditional style church and we are a more modern style.) We have a room in the building we rent for storage. We have been hanging black curtains for a while to hide the white brick, but we really wanted some back lighting.

Budget was around $4000 but flexible as needed we had zero existing lighting so we were starting fresh and about 1/3 of our budget was taken just for the bases.

Here is the run down of the lights and Hazer.
12x Chauvet Q12s (Pars)
Highlights LED Tape (Amazon)
Antari Z350 Fazer

The first step was to get bases that we could roll down a hall way that was short enough to fit through a door but some how tall enough to get a better lighting effect.

We found some SSRC Boom Bases (Square 19″x19″ 50lbs) they come with a 1.5″ NPT female threading. I found the pipe locally at a pipe supplier and had them cut 4 foot pieces that would thread in to the base and then a 6 foot piece for the extension. We attached the pipe together with some global truss swivel clamps to hold the pipe together, and then I added some 4″ casters. To raise and lower the pole I would loosen the clamp on the 4 foot piece of pipe lift it to the top and then tighten the clamps to secure it while extended. It is very important that you use 2 camps per tree or the upright will tip over.

I attached 3 pars per tree and then zip tied the LED Tape on the 6 foot piece. It is important not to attach anything but the clamps on the 4 foot piece since the clamps needs to slide up and down it. I then pre wired all the pars and gaff taped down the DMX cable and the power cable on the 6 foot extension.

The shorter LED tape bars are simply zip tied to some mic stands.

All of the LED tape was wired through cat5 biscuit jacks. And the dmx decoder I wired though a cat5 patch panel. I attached the Power supply, patch panel, and decoder to a piece of wood and then attached that to one of the rolling bases. So when we set up we run a cat5 cable to each LED bar.

When everything is in its smallest form we it is pretty compact.

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  1. Chris says:

    Do you have any instructions on the wiring of the rgb to cat5? I would like to do the same thing to clean up the cables

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