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Celtic Christmas

Jacob M Sciacchitano from Rockpointe Community Church in Sterling Heights, MI brings us this traditional-looking cross design.

From Jacob: After we had our string art design, we planned our next stage to match our Christmas Series called “The Mystery That Is Christmas” focused around the Trinity (Father, Spirit, Son) and used the Trinity Knot as inspiration.

Like most of my scaling projects, I have to design it small first and then project big so I made this template in photoshop using a combination of different inspirations online and came up with a template. Then I printed it on overhead transparency paper and traced with a white marker. After that was adding the outline in thicker acrylic paint.

The final result was pretty cool and the cross in the center was an old celtic cross we had built out of foam years ago. I would’ve added the cross with paint but we liked the 3d effect of having one there.

– Overhead projector + design to project (already have)
– Pallet Wall Base (already had from previous design)
– Chandelier Bulbs (already had from previous stage)
– Foam Cross (already had from previous stage)
– Acrylic Paint + Brushes = $10-$25
1 – Gallon of flat black paint = $30
4 – Sheets of Plywood for wood base = $100
9 – PAR LED lights ($50-$100/ea) = $450-$900
1 – Chauvet Obey 40 – $120
1 – Donner wireless send/receiver pair = $60

The Stage Behind the Lights Spots of Light

One response to “Celtic Christmas”

  1. Danae says:

    Looks great! Did you use white acrylic paint on to paint the design on the board behind the cross?

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