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Webbed Walls

Tim Lee from Crossroads UMC in Washington, IL brings us these great string pieces.

From Tim: This design was based on the numerous “String” designs here on this site. We have a sanctuary that hosts both traditional and contemporary worship. We have 1 1/2 hours between services to setup for contemporary worship and rehearse band, so everything design wise needed to be easily moveable and setup. We built 6 frames on wheels using 2×4’s painted black. We made sure that they were built to maximum height that would allow us to still be able to move them backstage through our larger doors without having to tip them on their sides. We strung white yarn from Way-Mart using screws that were screwed into the back of the panels. They are lit with generic 7×10 watt LED lights that can easily be bought on Ebay for about $30.00 a light. These lights are attached to the bases of the frames. This makes it easy for our light person to get them quickly setup. Our stone wall is lit with the same LED lights (7 of them) on pedestals. Since the wall lights sit behind our choir riser they stay setup throughout the week and don’t need tore down.

Our main goal was to pull focus away from all the extra items on the platform which we do not use for contemporary service. We found that the “string partitions” solved this issue by bringing a more central focus to the platform.
This was done on a real small budget. We already had the wall wash of LED’s so cost was 12 LED lights at about $30.00 each, 2×4’s which we had quite a few from past projects, and misc. items like small casters & Screws which totaled about $150.00. We didn’t need the black paint, as we also have lots of paint from previous projects.

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  1. Matt says:

    How thick yarn did you use?

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