Stage Designs

Graffiti and Pallets

Leslie Anderson from Fremont Wesleyan Church in Fremont, MI brings us this developing stage design.

From Leslie: This started as a blank metal wall with two pallets stacked on either side. It evolved each week as the pastor preached on our identity in Christ. He asked, “do you see a blank, boring wall … or a clean canvass waiting for the artists touch? Do you see broken and useless wood, or do you see a work in progress? After the first week, the graffiti was added – the touch of the master. Then broken boards were pieced together on the pallets when the pastor spoke about us finding where we fit in. The broken, scrap lumber together made something strong that had character. Crosses were added when he spoke about how Jesus’s death and resurrection impacted our identity. Finally, lights were added to the pallet walls on the week we explored what it means to “be the light.” We used old pallets and scrap lumber from an old pig pen – all of the lumber was easily found for free. The metal wall was about $60 of steel and we used some of the scrap lumber to build a frame for it. We did pay a graffiti artist $200 to paint the wall, but your team does the painting, the entire project costs about $75.

Love Like Twisting Christmas