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Corrugated Candles

Patti Barnett from Grace Bible Church in La Vernia, TX brings us these corrugated metal candle panels.

The panels  were made from recycled fence panels that they got free and corrugated metal that they paid about $10/sheet for. They made a lightweight frame from wood to give some support to the back and bolted it together. The candleholders were just 4 x 4s cut into 4 inch blocks, stained grey and screwed to the panel. Heads were removed from nails and driven into the top center of the blocks to hold the pillar candles onto each one. The entire project cost about $200 (including candles).






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4 responses to “Corrugated Candles”

  1. Looks good – great way to simply disperse light, lots of depth on stage!

  2. Brandon Holt says:

    Love it! I just finished up a stage design using corrugated metal panels exactly like this and this is definitely something I could re-use them for in the future! Thanks!

  3. Patti says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys. I adapted these panels from another series we did called Desperado. The panels were the same without the candles. I painted deer antlers with high gloss white and mounted them on the front two panels. It looked great and cast really cool shadows on the walls and ceiling. I think they would adapt for a lot of different purposes

  4. Tom McNutt says:

    These look great and we are wanting to build some for our church. Are they free standing or mounted to the wall? What is the base material that the light sits on. Any chance of getting some more pictures?


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