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Wicked Garden

Janine Dueck from Grace Community Church in Washingtonville, NY brings us this jungly stage design.

To set the backdrop for their Wicked Garden series, they cut, scrunched, flattened and hung aluminum screen material bought at a local hardware store. Next, they attached some lattice work to the center frame using fishing line. They bought 3 rolls of craft paper, measured out the length they desired, and then twisted the craft paper until it resembled jungle vines. Finally, using torn craft paper, they stapled cylindrical forms onto the vines to represent thorns. Overall, this stage design was easy to produce (though they could feel the burn in their muscles of our forearms) and cost effective (under $150).


Burning Boards Corrugated Candles

One response to “Wicked Garden”

  1. Vaughn VanSkiver says:

    Great looking set and creative use of materials. Nice job of making the graphics fit seamlessly into the design.

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