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Crazy Lines

David Kern from Community Fellowship Church in Lancaster, PA brings us this cool design with some crazy lines and swirly patterns.

They wanted a nice, simple filagree pattern for their design. They also wanted to incorporate another layer of texture. So they did this!

They achieved the texture by evenly spacing over forty 2×6’s (16 feet long) across the wall. They painted them 3-4 shades of gray so that the outside ends of the boards would fade into the black wall. The boards on the right and left walls were placed on a 45 degree angle. Once the boards were up, the filagree image was projected and painted on in white.

The most challenging part to this set was working around their backstage door. This just meant a little more measuring and cutting and the addition of heavy duty velcro. This project can easily be adjusted to any size room – you just need to calculate the amount of lumber you’ll need for your application and a couple gallons of paint.

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5 responses to “Crazy Lines”

  1. Sam says:

    Awesome simple design! I like it…great job!

  2. Adam Bien says:

    What shade of gray did you use. I am looking for a shade that will light well with LEDs but then not stand out light white would when not lit. I want my wall to disappear when it is not lit.

  3. elyonvictor says:

    So nice love the stage

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