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Criss Crossed

Lance Rosenthal from Faith Center in Rockford, IL brings us this awesome glowing design.

This design was a rearrangement of Lance’s previous design LED Sunburst. For details of the light strip bars and how they were built, check out that design.

The light strips were arranged in a random pattern in between the three truss. They were held up by 12′ 2×4″ boards painted black and U bolted to the truss.
The cross was mounted with a few small 2×4″ blocks to the center truss.

There were LED pars aimed up and down each truss. There were also four LED pars clamped to the truss aimed at the ceiling. There were two LED bars clamped to the side truss aimed out.

This took a day to disassemble the previous design and put this one up with two people doing the work.

For the LED strip light bars, the cross, and the 2×4″s supporting them, total cost was about: $425.

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