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Throwback: Crop Circles

Chris Faulkner from Grace Point Church in Bentonville, AR brings us this nontraditional Christmas design perfect for all year round. (Originally posted December 2011)

They used half-inch foam and heavy foil. They glued the foil to the foam. Then they made a roller tool to create a pattern in the foil. To create the tool Chris used 6 wooden toy wheels on a dowel. Then he glued a handle on each end.

Then they added square cloth panels (Light Blue) to hang in the front.

Above the set they created grids to hang simple lights from.

Overhead Lines Simple Hex

14 responses to “Throwback: Crop Circles”

  1. heather says:

    do you have a picture of the tool you made for this? I’m having a little bit of a hard time visualizing what it looks like…

    • Chris Faulkner says:

      If you go to a Hobby Shop like Hobby Lobby you can find toy wooden wheels. I purchased 5 and a dowel rod. Threaded all five on the dowel and put a handel on each end to secure them but they could still roll.

  2. Heather says:

    I really, really like this! How are the large vertical foily pieces adhered to the back board? Velcro? bolted? Foam is light but those pieces look pretty big. How are the blue square panels suspended? More info, please as to the mechanics

    • Chris Faulkner says:

      Simple to build. Purchased 1/4 inch foil backed bead board at Lowes. Purchased Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty and the widest I could find at Wal-Mart. Cut the Foam board into three strips. Applied sray adhesive to the surface. Rolled the foam out on the board. Dont do it in advance. This will make a smooth surface. Used the roller to make the designs.

  3. Greg Cavalier says:

    How do you do the light bulbs drops.

  4. James T says:

    you can get the light bulb assemblies from any online vendor that sells paper lanterns. Ikea and world market sells them too.

    I like the ceiling grid above the stage.

  5. Steve Douglas says:

    Love the grids for the hanging bulbs.
    Are they wood?

    • Chris Faulkner says:


      • Traci Fike says:

        My name is Traci Fike and I am actually from Rogers, AR. but living in Houston,TX. My husband John grew up at FBC-Rogers and knows your pastor very well. We are also very close friends with Tim and Leslie Logan. I am in the process of redesigning our youth room and love this back drop. Could you send me some closer pics. and detailed instructions please. Our youth room is very small but I believe I can make this work in the amount of space we have.
        Traci Fike

  6. Lee Ann Holt says:

    Could you send me the instructions for this in great detail. I am not a carpenter but I want to do this pine wood design for our church. I need construction 101 for Dummies. I think the design is great Looking forwar to hearing from you. Thanks!

  7. Aaron Holloway says:

    Hi Chris,
    Could you send me a copy of the instructions that you sent Lee ann please?

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