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Walled Out LED Tape Design

TJ Harrison from The Fathers House in Rochester, NY brings us this awesome LED tape and LED wall design.

From TJ: Our design utilized LED video panels and LED Tape strips with diffusers. With this design our goal was to be able to create various different looks with lighting and with various motion graphics. Prior to construction, we utilized SketchUp to design our set.

The main center screen has 60 ADJ AV6 panels hung in an inverted pyramid format. Using ProPresenter, we utilized various templates to create different shapes to craft different looks. To expand our look, we designed and constructed an LED Tape wall that extended out from the LED screen and angled downstage. Modules were built out of 2×4’s painted black and were 13ft tall and 8ft wide. Being modular, we replicated the design and place 4 modules at our main campus and two at our satellite location. Each module had 8 sections of LED tape that were placed in diffusers to ensure clean straight lines. Each vertical section was split into two sections for DMX control. At our main campus, we placed four modules on stage totaling 32 LED channels with control of 64 sections of RGB tape. Flanking the outside of the LED Tape modules we had LED screens oriented in a Right Angle “Tetris” looking shape to round out the angular design we were striving for. Within the design with placed our Chauvet Colordash Batten 6 batten lights facing outwards to act as blinders.

Our lighting rig consists of various lighting fixtures that are spread across 8 different universes. All lighting is controlled via JANDS Vista running V3 with a S1 control surface. We utilize a combination of spot fixtures and wash fixtures to create various looks. To continue with the V-shape, place angled two 10ft trusses angled towards center stage with a combination of moving fixtures hung on them.

We pride ourselves on having a versatile rig to ensure that looks do not become stagnant over time as this set design will be viewed for a few months’ time. This set was used to kick off our fall 2019 series and has since been modified for Christmas 2019 and January 2020 kickoff. For the Christmas season we oriented the LED screen in a rectangle format and placed the band on large white risers outlined in LED tape.

We utilized items we already had in our inventory and purchased the LED tape and channels with diffusers from Amazon. We purchased our lumber at Home Depot and got our LED tape on Amazon.

Our Rig:

8- Elation Davinci Spots
10- Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
3- ROBE 1200AT Colorwash
4- ROBE 1200 Color Spot
6- ADJ Innospot
18- Chauvet Colordash Batten Quad 6
4- Chauvet Colordash Batten Quad 12
4- Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2

LED Wall
72- ADJ AV6 panels

LED Tape
64- Supernight RGB LED strips
64- Muzata Aluminum 6.6ft Channels with Diffusers
8- RGB LED Tape DMX decoders
6- Power Supplies
3- Spools of basic extension wiring

LED by the Crosses Racing Stripes

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  1. Eli says:

    Thank you very much for posting in so much detail!

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