Easter Designs

Cross in the Sky

Bryan Ferree from Church at the Cross in Orlando, FL brings us this awesome Easter LED tape design.

This was their stage design for Easter. Bryan started with rigging 40ft of truss and hung the majority of my fixtures off of that. They had 4 movers, 9 washes, and the LED tape rectangles hanging from that. Then they had 8ft of truss rigged with ground supports which was holding 5 washes and 2 moving heads sitting directly in front of that on the floor. The cross was made from a wooden frame and Bryan just outlined it with LED tape. It was hung with metal wire from the supports in the ceiling. The Jesus sign was made from wooden pallets and standard light bulbs, which were on a dimmer pack. He also had 4 washes behind their projector screens to give dimension to the room.

The whole project including lights cost them around $10k. (Bryan just got hired on at the church and the only thing they had was the truss.)

Blocked Arrows Coming in Waves