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Coming in Waves

Andrew Smith & Tyler Smith from NewSpring Church in Greenwood, SC brings us this design incorporating panels that look like waves.

From Andrew: This set has a lot small and big pieces to everything. This set took us about 2 and a half days to build. The main eye candy thing we wanted was the wave 3D panels that we have. The panels are a 1’ 1/2” x 1’ 1/2” panels. They’re made out of cardboard material that we bought online. The set also includes four 5ft trussing and four 8ft trussing all rigged to the ceiling beams.

To light up the panels, we put led tape on the trussing to light the panels. As well with truss warming the trusses with some Chauvet slimpar pro the light bleeds into the panels so I can create a two color effect in the panels.

The panels are hung on the trussing with some 2×4’s, eye bolts and aircraft cabling. We cut the 2×4’s to the length of the truss, stabled the panels to the 2×4 than strewed the eye bolts to the top of the 2×4. Than we used aircraft cabling to hang the eye bolt to the trussing. For the panels of the sides, we used command strips, put them on the back of the panels and sticked them to the walls. The panels on the risers we used Velcro to hold them to the risers.

The risers are on 12” legs so about 6” of the panels with rise above the risers. The Rogues are Hung onto the beams using beam clamps.

The back grid, we built was in the past with schedule-40 and unistrut and we’ve just kept it up for used like this set to hold our Elation Pixel tape. The rigging we used 20, 3ft spansets and 4, 6ft spansets. 8 metal splings and 24 shackles. We used the 3ft spansets for the 4 back trusses and to rig to the beams and to the two 8ft trusses in the ceiling. Then the 6ft spansets we used for the two 5ft trusses in the ceiling because of the beams be 8ft apart.

The vision for this set was we wanted cool eye candy stuff but make it feel wide and tall and the lighting placement. I wanted to do big wife washes but as well tight individual beams. I also wanted to be able to do big wash hits but not blind the audience.

Aircraft cabling
120x 3D wave panels
10x 2x4x8 wood
16x eye bolts
90x command strips
1x roll of Velcro
8x Schedule-40 pipe
25x Unistrut
20x 3ft spansets
4x 6ft spansets
24x shackles
8x metal splings

10x Chauvet rogue R2 beams
9x Chauvet 560Z wash
16x Elation Elar 108 RGBW
8x Chauvet slimpar Pro
4x Chroma-Q color force 72
10x LED tape strips
16x Elation pixel tape stips
8x Elation EZ Kling boxes

The designers were:
Tyler Smith, Audio Coordinator at NewSpring Church
Andrew Smith, Lighting Contractor at NewSpring Church

Cross in the Sky Risen Box

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