Easter Designs

Risen Box

Matt McGowen from Trinity Baptist in Sweetwater, TX brings us this Easter look.

From Matt: This is a simple design completed on a budget and can be modified to fit any space.

3 Sheets Black Coroplast ($75)
2 Sheets Natural Coroplast ($50)
10 2″x2″x8′ furring strips ($45)
Super Glue ($10)
6 Chauvet SlimPar 56 LED Wash Lights ($79 apiece, total of $480. Other types of wash lights/flood lights would also work).

First we projected the word ‘Risen’ onto 1 1/2 sheets of black Coroplast. 4′ tall, 12′ long. Traced the word then cut with Xacto knife.

Second we glued the black coroplast onto natural coroplast so that the natural is visible behind the letters.

Next we built the 4′ x 12′ box out of furring strips, careful not to put a strip where it would be visible behind clear letter. Fastened strips together with screws (drill a pilot hole first).

Finally we placed the wash lights behind the letters, pointing them so that the colors overlap.

Coming in Waves Grid Work

One response to “Risen Box”

  1. This is my favorite! The possibilities that this procedure creates is amazing!
    Do the light fixtures rotate within the giant light box?

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