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Robert Walker from Bowmar Baptist Church in Vicksburg, MS brings us this great use of the popular scrunched screen material.
They started by purchasing some screen material from Home Depot. Then they stapled the screen to their back walls (be sure to use gloves).

To crumpled the screen, they unrolled the screen and started balling it up from one end to the other. For 10 feet of distance they used 12 feet of screen since it shrinks.

Then they lit it! Simple and great layout.

Check out their production blog for a few more pics and details.

Acoustics and Pallets Swirled

2 responses to “Crumpled”

  1. Chan Horton says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to pull this off. It looks great! Is the material call screen paper/material? Can you please tell me what the material is called? I’ve racking my brain trying to find it…Thanks

    • Rob Rash says:

      Hey Chan… it’s called ‘Aluminum Screen’ and you can get it at most home improvement/lumber stores. Just make sure you get ‘aluminum’ and not the material/mesh stuff.

      They sell it in white, silver, charcoal, and black. Usually the darker the better for lighting purposes. Also, they sell it in rolls. I bought a 100′ roll that was 4′ wide.

      Hope that helps.

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