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David Little from Elevate Church in Morton, Illinois brings us this nice design featuring a swirly stage.

They created this design on top of their already swirly painted stage. They started with a bunch of cotton fabric hung from 2 points – adjusted until it looked how they wanted. They used pars with gels to light everything.

They assembled the side walls screens with 2x4s and some of the same white fabric. They used gaff tape to make all the black divider lines.

To create the design on the floor they projected onto it with an LCD projector, then traced, masked, and painted.

Crumpled Wood Screens

4 responses to “Swirled”

  1. T. Swinford says:

    Love it. How were the lights done? Were they purchased?

  2. Clint H. says:

    Where did you guys get the paper lanterns?

    • David Little says:

      Both the lanterns on stage, and the lanterns hung from the ceiling were purchased from ikea. You can look up pater lanterns online and find them. The ceiling lanterns were hung from proprietary clips that came with the lanterns. You could also zip tie the cables to a hook, or other fastener on the ceiling.

  3. Meri says:

    Where did you get the fabric? How much did you use for the center back wall?

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