Christmas Designs

Curtain Framed

James Seymour from Central Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia brings us this simple and elegant design.

From James: After listening to the program tracks a decision was made between the designer and the director that the material did not center around a certain theme, so we took a very different approach from other years and concluded with a simple yet elegant design that could be flexible enough to have big powerful looks for the tradition choir and orchestra numbers, as well as, warm intimate looks for the solo and small ensemble numbers.

The fist priority was to essentially “black out” the back wall of the stage so to get more control of the spill light and sound reflection of the orchestra. The original design concepts called for a LED star backdrop that did not fit the budget. So Black Commando Pipe and Drape was selected. We used standard Drape Clamps to “frame” around the bottom of the projection screens.

The main “scenic” element is the down stage light gray drapery pulls. These are custom voile drapes we rented that we attached to the flown truss overhead and then simply Pulled and tied them back. To achieve maximum fullness we used 5 – 8′ wide by 22′ tall drapes per side on a 10′ Pole.

Lighting is a simple, but flexible plot that integrated with the existing house plot . On the downstage overhead truss there are 6 Chauvet Legend 412Z Washes and a number of hanging bulbs. Around the back wall and the sides are 7 Chauvet RGBA Freedom Pars. Uplighting the drapes are 4 Chauvet Colorband t3 Bars.

All together it took 2 days to hang all the drapes and lighting with a budget of about $1200. All the lighting and drapery was rented for the production. I have included a photo of the “before” to see the transformation.

Instead of building stands we just used extra mic stands of different sizes and zip ties the socket to it. We are also firm believers in the 25′ stage rule. So if you can’t tell a difference at 25′ away it’s best not to stress on the detail. This method passed so we used it and saved a few hours and bucks.

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