Stage Designs

Stage Comb

Jeremy Framstad from Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us this awesome light grid above their stage.

From Jeremy: I’ve always wanted to have a stage look using versa tubes but could never justify spending the money on them so we decided to build a similar look. We purchased some T12 8′ Fluorescent Bulb Plastic Polycarbonate Safety Covers and filed them with Kodak Premium backlit film to frost the safety covers. Then we put 8 feet of LED tape down each tube. The LED tape was then tied into DMX decoders. Each pipe had the ability to be controlled independently. We spaced the LED tubes with LED pars to create a great look. Everything was mounted to a structure of unistrut. The unistrut was attached to winches and motors that allowed the rig to be raised and lowered. This allowed us to play with the pitch of the rig and get some different looks throughout this set. We had most of the material on hand so there wasn’t a huge cost to this set for us.

PDF Documents:

Stacked and Backed Curtain Framed