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Jim Jensen/Deb Farrell/John Farrell from Crossroads Community Church in Ottawa Lake, MI brings us this cool plastic wrap design.

From the team: We took a cling wrap idea from the site and did a modification of size and frame design.

We used 1X12s of the sides and 2X4s for the ends, with an extension on each end to secure Slim Par 64s. Everything was screwed in with wood screws. There is a threaded metal rod in the middle for stability of the frame, secured with bolts and washers on each side. We painted the wood frame black, and drilled holes in the top end cap and threaded plastic tie-downs through the holes for hanging. We hung with stage cord and thin wire (because we ran out of stage cord).

I ordered 6000 feet of 1ft wide clear cling wrap from a packaging company. We used half of it to cover 8 frames. Initially I thought we would need to go over the frames 2 or more times, but we ended up wrapping down the frame once. We used a pattern where we wrapped horizontally over and under, then slightly diagonal over and under then back to horizontal, on down the frame. At the ends we wrapped double to make sure it stayed secure. Even though we didn’t wrap really tight, the frames did bend a little in between the ends and the metal support bar, but it’s very hard to see from the auditorium seats.

Some tips:
-We prebuilt the frames and painted them before the whole team came in
-we put the end of the frame on 2 tables to wrap, and had teams of 3 wrapping, 2 standing and passing the wrap roll back and forth, with one person on their back under the frame passing the roll underneath between the 2 standing people.
-If you are using standard lighting clamps, you will have to drill a beveled hole at the end of the extensions so the screw of the clamp goes in and the light is correctly centered
-we attached the top light before hanging and attached the bottom light after hanging. Having 2 lights gives us more options for colors on each frame

Wood, metal rods, bolts and washers=120.00
wood screws=5.00

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