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Hope Floats

Mark Ellis from Victorious Life Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida brings us this floating Hope sign.

They got their inspiration from Broadway. They made the sign out of 4 sheets of 1/2×8’x4′ plywood and cut the letters out. They ordered 80 ceramic light sockets spaced them out about 8″ apart on the letters and started wiring for three days. They used 60-watt soft white bulbs. Each letter had around 25 bulbs. They hooked them in to their dimmer systems that has 2.4k watts of power so they can dim the sign or bring it all the way to full power for a blinding look.

They also added tree limbs and painted them white. They looked great under our 14 Elation Opti Tri LED pars that were in their grid system overhead.

Their budget was $600.

Pane in My Xmas Christmas Lines

2 responses to “Hope Floats”

  1. Dillon says:

    This looks fantastic! Great job with the colors, tree branches, everything!

  2. Rachel says:

    looks great on here – about time we see some of the great stuff you guys are doing on here! :) YAY! Love it!

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