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Allison DuBois from Mount Pleasant Community Church in Mount Pleasant, MI brings us this simple LED tape design.

From Allison: We got some of our amazing volunteers to build two 22 ft. long frames to fit across our 44 ft. stage. We painted the frames black and simply zip-tied them frames to our truss. The LED tape was the easiest part. We measured out how long we wanted each piece and cut them to the appropriate size. There are six longer strips (124.5 inch) and size shorter strips (1 meter) all on a 45 degree angle (that’s right we used the Pythagorean Theorem). We bought LED tape diffusers awhile ago from amazon (40 pack of one meter aluminum diffusers) and screwed those diffusers onto the frame to hold the LED tape. Everything after that was programming and hooking up each DMX box (one for each strip) to their appropriate channel so they can controlled from the lighting booth.

DMX Box:

LED Tape:

Power Supply:

Power Supply Connectors:

Light Diffusers:

Throwback: Grate Throwback: Gallons of Light

2 responses to “DiagonaLED”

  1. marcus says:

    Hello, where did you purchase the stage curtains ?

  2. Steve says:

    Hi there. Thank you for the detailed info.

    In programming these in our lighting software, do you know what the lighting profile is?

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