Stage Designs

Throwback: Gallons of Light

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us these bucket lights. (Originally posted August 2013)

The main element, the matrix backdrop, was constructed from 3.5 gallon buckets with standard lamp bases mounted in the bottom of each. A lattice of 1″x3″ wood was constructed so that buckets were friction fitted into the lattice with screws securing them.

A single G30 100W half silver dipped lamp was used in each of the buckets. These were driven by 112 dimmer channels made up of house circuits, a 36 channel dimmer rack and a number of dimmer packs. The front of the matrix was covered with scrim so it appeared as a solid wall when not in use and allowed them to throw color and patterns at it for transitions and speaking.

The second level/ramps/drum riser was built by their construction department with standard stage decks placed on top.

A kabuki drop was used for the opening element which they used as a projection surface during countdown and which then dropped to reveal the stage and band. They used it again in a later session as a double drop midway though the session. These drops and the lighting elements can be seen in the video.







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