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Line Trees

Seth Boyte from Apostolic Truth Church in Appleton, WI brings us this design from their youth conference.

12 -1x4s | 8’ tall
4- 1x6s  | 8’ tall
1- 1x6s   | 10’ tall
4- 2x4s    | 6’ tall

26 nail plates
166 Screws
1 gallon of black paint
9 reels of 32’ tape lighting

Use the 1x4s as the branches. Cut into desired lengths at a 45° angle.

Use the 1×6 as the trunks and cut into desired tree heights

Use the 2x4s as the bases for each tree.

Screw the nail plates to the back of the trees with the plates reaching from one branch to the other. Secure the plate horizontally with two screws on the left branch, two screws in the trunk, and two screws in the right branch. Continue on every branch of every tree until all branches are attached to trunks.

For the bases.
Make a T with 2 10” 2x4s on either side of the 13” 2×4. Then take a 17” 2×4 with a 45° bevel on each side and attach to the T at the bottom of the tree trunk.
Screw the bases into the trunk of the tree.
(I’m we used extra support by running a cable across the top of the stage and running wires down to each tree connecting to an eye hook)

Once all of the trees are assembled and secure, paint them black.

Once the paint dries, outline the trees with the tape lighting.

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2 responses to “Line Trees”

  1. Andrew Ling says:

    To make it cheaper and lighter, you can also use black chloroplast for the branches

  2. Brian says:

    Do you have a picture of how you assembled and attached the tree to the 2×4 braces?

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