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Different Dots

Javier Lemus from Vida Nueva in Guatemala City, Guatemala brings us these different sized dots for their stage design.

They took the Dots and Spots idea and customized it according to the size of their scenario. They started by purchasing 15cm and 6cm foam balls. They attached them to two corrugated plastic bases that were 8’x4′, two that were 8’x3′, and one that was 10’x4′. They glued them with a centimeter of mounting tape at the center and silicone on the edges.

For lighting, they placed LED bars on each base—with the exception of the central base where an LED bar was placed on the stage floor.







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2 responses to “Different Dots”

  1. Debbie Parish says:

    Where did you purchase the balls?

  2. Debbie Parish says:

    I can’t find 15cm. What is the biggest size you used?

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