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Modern Church Decór

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One of the big requests we get on the site is for ideas on modern church décor. You have an amazing looking stage and lighting setup, but what about your foyer, hallways, offices, or coffee shops? What sort of decorations work best in those situations?

Designs that Translate to Modern Church Décor

Most of the stage designs on this site rely on complex and colorful lighting to create these amazing looks. And that isn’t too helpful for a brightly lit foyer or office space. But there are a few designs that translate really well to modern church décor settings.

Check out these stage designs and see how you can make them work in your setting:

Textured Wood Pallet Decor

These vertical wooden panels—painted with a nice texture—would be a great overlay on any wall. You could either light up a solid white wall or overlay these on any type of texture.

Reclaimed Pallet Wall Decoration

These repurposed pallet walls would make great church décor. Convert one wall to a wood wall and add some modern and sleek dots that mimic your church logo.

String Chandeliers

These string chandeliers would be a fantastic look in almost any setting. Also, notice the nice wood panel wall that would work similarly to the repurposed pallets. Be sure to stain the wood so it’s beautiful!

Cool, Modern Stained Glass Elements

If you’re looking for a more traditional and still modern look, try something like these stained glass panels.

Textures for Your Church Walls

Using modern textures in small segments and panels like this stage design would be a great way to incorporate a modern look into your church décor. You can use either fabrics or photo backdrops like this stage designer used.

Cool Decór for Your Church

These could work for some modern window treatments or ways to separate a room.

Mio Nomad to Decorate Your Church

These products from Mio are a great way to separate rooms and add some modern décor to your church lobby and office spaces.

Signage for Your Church from Foam and Twigs

These foam letters over twigs would be a cool way to create signage for your church lobby. Also they’d be a great way to decorate your church offices.

Paper Forms for Modern Church Decor

These Paperform products could create a great textured wall. Paint it a beautiful color and you have some ultra modern décor.

Modern Looks for Your Church

Also, check out Pinterest and Dezeen for ideas and peruse stores like Ikea. They’ll give you some great ideas for modern church décor.

Regardless of what you use, make sure you make your elements sturdy and secure. Since these decorations will be in highly trafficked areas—unlike your church stage—you want to make sure nothing will fall apart or fall on anyone. If you make a wall that’s climbable, be sure that a child will climb that wall.

Make sure they fall because they loose their hold, not because the decorations break or fall over.

Those are our ideas for modern church décor. What have you seen or done that people should mimic? Link up your ideas in a comment below!


Wacky Zipper Stage Projection Weave

10 responses to “Modern Church Decór”

  1. Paddy says:

    These are amazing! Definitely makes going to church less boring.

    • shan says:

      dear if u feel boring going to Church then these thing will not make u realy feel good in Church…if u want internal peace then just go to Church to praise God …ad be loyal with prayer and ask Holly spirit for blessing and for internal peace in Church……
      God bless u

  2. emma says:

    While I appreciate a good decoration. I strongly believe that going to church should mainly be about seeking God’s presence and learning His word. I hope we as Chrisrians don’t forget this important truth and go running around for beautiful decorations or exciting choirs instead of seeking churches that preach the Word as it should be taught. God help us. Amen

  3. i appreciate says:

    good work

  4. Paul Price says:

    When Paul wrote letters to each of the different early churches he penned them according to their audience and that groups culture. He used his earthly education and God given talents. He used current technology, the writing of letters to accomplish the proliferation of the gospel.
    There have been times in the history of christianity where christians have lead the way in creating some of the most beautiful venues, art and music because the greatness of God simply deserves no less.
    Doesn’t the God of the universe deserve our best talents of design in our worship venues. Shouldn’t non-believers walk into our venues and be struck by how serious we take our worship? Should we be “out designed” by the local drug store or coffee shop.
    Doesn’t the God of the universe deserve the same tech and design talents people like Taylor Swift and other entertainers use. They use these mediums to sell music. We are called to introduce the lost to the Gospel! Much more important than selling music or any other product.
    What does it say to non-believers who have more lighting and design in their homes than a church they might chose to visit?
    We need to attain the culture’s minimum expectations before we even get an audience with a non-believer. If the lost are emerged in design 24/7 Design in their workplace. Design at the grocery store, design at the mall, design on the internet, and they walk into a venue that is absent any design they may not stick around long enough to hear the glorious message of salvation and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
    If some fabrics, led Par lights, time an effort and consideration translate into a lost soul hearing the message of the gospel and spending eternity in the presence of God. Then sign me up. If we keep the message true to scripture then the other concerns of “performance” or “worldly influence” won’t be an issue.
    Come for the design lighting and music… Be saved and live eternally with Christ by the message.
    Once the non-believer is saved they will figure out on their own how insignificant the design of the church is compared the to awesomeness of the Gospel message.

    • Lillie says:

      Your response is so very profound, I’d like your permission to copy it and share it with my congregation with proper citations. I’m a teacher, so I also made a few technical edits.

  5. Pam Ferrell says:

    I just read Paul’s reply. Thank you. We are a small church working at implementing as many creative ideas we can to bring in the non-believer! I love the way you worded your comment

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