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Diffuse the Light Boxes

Douglas Hallam from Hill Country Bible in Round Rock, TX bring us their portable light box and splash screen background solution.

They were inspired by SplashThere’s No Hope with Dope, and Separated by Boxes. They needed a portable, durable solution.

They already owned fifteen 64B LED pro fixtures, so they decided to make 15 cubes to use on stage. They built eight cubes 2’x2’x2′ and seven cubes 18″x18″x18″ – each cube had 4 square panels pieced together with hinges in such a way that the cube would “accordion” fold flat. One volunteer created the sixty wooden squares and had them ready for the team to come in and assembly line them into the hinged cube configuration.

They also built hangers to go on the back of the cubes that were stacked on top of each other – very low tech, but they held the LED par fixtures on by connecting to the lighting gel clip.

For the fabric, they purchased truss covers from RoseBrand. When they arrive, they realized they didn’t diffuse light well. They tried a lot of options, but settled on a piece of taffeta diagonally attached in the boxes.

The budget worked out to somewhere around $700 for the project.

This didn’t include the splatter painted drapes on the backdrop, or a scheduled additional purchase of 8 ColorRail lights by Chauvet to light the backdrop.

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2 responses to “Diffuse the Light Boxes”

  1. Danny Isom says:

    Awesome portable solution! Great job Douglas!

  2. Ayax Alvarado says:

    This set up is sick!!! Where did you get the white sheets for the box?

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