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Grunge Windows

Dan Lang from First Baptist in Royal Palm Beach, Florida brings us this modern addition to their stage.

This entire stage consisted of wood frames and aluminum screening. They created five panels. They scrunched up the aluminum screening and staple gunned them to the side walls (four) in strips (36″x 84″) and framed them with trim. The back frame was behind the drum booth on the back wall using 2 desk lamps with 100w bulbs on the floor. The far side pieces were actually individual box frames painted black that they tacked together to form an “L”. They put an old par 38 canister mounted in each on a block of wood using color gels for the orange tint.

They also built two 4’x5′ frames to create depth. They placed can lights on the floor angled toward the ceilings to create 2 affects in one.

Lastly, they built a 12″ drum riser with an open front. They placed two strip lights under it and again scrunched up some aluminum and placed it in the opening. They left the center portion in white light, and only changed the colors on the side walls and ends.

Diffuse the Light Boxes Break the Looking Glass

2 responses to “Grunge Windows”

  1. phil adams says:

    It’s not only beautiful but seeming conducive to Worship….it doesnt feel busy or over-the-top as some designs/church stages seem to be. Cudos to the designer- (Dave)

  2. angela says:

    where do u buy the stuff and was it cheap

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