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Diffused LED Tape

James Tucker from Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us this cool LED tape design diffused by Coroplast.

They wanted something slick for their summer series. James had been wanting to something cool with LED tape for a while. So they purchased eight 16′ rolls of LED tape and cut them in half. The tape had female connectors on each end, so no soldering was needed. Once cut, they zip tied the strips onto some 1×2’s. The tape does have some sticky 3m stuff on the other side, but James was scared it wasn’t going to hold in Florida humidity.

Then they took their 1x2s and attached them to the back side of some old shadow boxes from their previous look. Each tape piece was then wired to a control box via a 15′ tape extension and a coupler. The boxes were addressed and patched as generic 3 channel RGB fixtures on our console.

Once they had their LEDs up and running, they added the Coroplast. They used “natural” Coroplast attached to 4×8 frames. It’s a bit frosty so it makes the tape look nice and soft. The natural lines of the Coro added a nice texture as well.

They wanted to toss some additional scenery in front of their stage doors to compete the look. To save time/cost of building frames to hold the tape, they stacked choir risers and zip tied their 1×2 strips accordingly and placed Coro flats in front.

From James:

The strips get a bit steppy at long fades but it’s cool. Also, never noticed any flickering on cameras. – the connector that is used on the tape is crummy… Hindsight is 20/20, should of used RJ45 connectors. They at least lock. – the more DMX boxes you purchase, the crazier the looks you can get. With this set, we have 10 boxes controlling the lights. Some are 2-fer’d controlling a pair of strips, some are single. Using the M1’s (console) grouping system, you can make 3 color looks really easily. We also do a multitude of dimmer and R/G/B chases. $250 – 16 sheets of natural coroplast $400- led tape and DMX boxes (amazon) $150 – extra lumber for additional flats

Links to Materials:


center close

choir riser

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.44.37 PM

set in pieces

set in process

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