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Scattered Angles

Humberto Renovato from Fuente de Aguas Vivas Family Worship Center in Uvalde, TX brings us this design inspired by Dorito Wall.

They have annual youth conference called “Unleash The Roar.” They wanted to present an idea of breaking through a wall. Their idea was to make it look more as if they punched the center of a wall, so they designed smaller triangles leading to bigger triangles.

These triangles were cut using 4×8 foam boards from their local lumber yard. These 4×8 boards cost just under $6 each. They used 10 boards here. They also cut out the words “Unleash The Roar” using the same design in their flyer. There was no specific spacing or design pattern that they followed. They simply tried to make it as even as possible on both sides. The cost of the design was $60 dollars.

The design itself took about 6 hours cutting and placing them on the wall. They lit up the wall using 6 48″LED Washers. They used 3 Chauvet Colorpalettes to bring lighting to the words in the center. They also used 3 Par 64’s to add extra lighting on the drums as well as where the guitarist and pianist would be on the opposite side.

Much cleaning was involved when cutting foam boards. So they did it in a place that was either easy to vacuum or sweep. Other than that using foam boards was really easy and cheap.

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Fab Shapes Diffused LED Tape

4 responses to “Scattered Angles”

  1. Barbara DuPre says:

    I love the design. How did you attach the foam board triangles to the wall?

  2. Keiara Sullivan says:

    What did you cut the foam board with? And did you have some kind of system to getting the triangles the way you wanted them? or you just kind of cut as you went? Wanting to do this in our youth room! Awesome Idea! Thank you!

  3. Rene says:

    How exactly did you screw the triangles on the wall

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