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Nate Bantle from Northridge Church in Rochester, NY brings us these cool boxes for their stage.

From Nate: This design featured two main items.

1.) Coroplast light pillars (we found this idea from Light Pillars and really liked the simplicity and ease of it)
2.) LED tape rectangles. (inspired by LED Rect but different than what they did)

The white Coroplast pillars were incredible easy to build. Get yourself a Coroplast cutter ( Build a 2’x2′ base from plywood that can house your LED wash unit and stick your Coroplast on the inside of it. (I can send more photos if you need more help with this) Be sure to cap the top with white Coroplast or paint it black or you’ll have a lot of light blasting out that you want to stay in.

The LED rectangles were an absolute pain to build but when we were finally done we were happy with them. Simply put we laid a sheet of plywood on it’s back and built 2 rectangles on it out of 1″x3″ board. We fixed the boards to the plywood using small L brackets and also routed the boards so that our Coroplast would have a slot to slide into. For sake of ease we covered the corners so we didn’t have to work extremely hard to make the edges look really nice. We put led tape on the bottom inside the rectangles which really make them look so much bigger than just LED tape would alone. We had to use clear Coroplast because LED tape just isn’t bright enough to cut through the white stuff.

That took a lot of engineering and precision but has a huge wow effect. The cost isn’t bad, just lumber and several LED strips.

We did this design at all four of our campuses. You can see another example at a different campus in the last picture.

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6 responses to “Digital Boxes”

  1. Craig Taylor says:

    I know the older folks from my crowd – they’d be saying, “Looks like a game show, not a church!” hahaha – Personally – I love it!

  2. Nate Bantle says:

    Hey guys just wanted to make a correction to my own writing. The bases for the coroplast towers are 1′ x 1′. Sorry about that!

  3. Ashley Broke says:

    The stage looks like a game I think due to colour or design but I like your stage and your concept

  4. Rachelle Rowe says:

    Hi Nate! We love this design! Can you send me some more pictures and information on how the bases were built and the panels in order to insert the Coroplast, please? We are looking to make this as a portable design.

    • Nate Bantle says:

      Hey Rachelle! Thanks!

      Yes I can get you more photos. Shoot me an email at and I can respond with more detailed photos.

      Also where are you located? We just finished up the design and have a few campuses worth of stuff if you want to arrange buying them already made. Just an idea!


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