Stage Designs

Dimly Lit Crosses

Jonathan Rasch from The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois in Urbana, Illinois brings us this cool remodel of an existing stage design. (complete transformation)

Before Jonathan was hired on as a creative director, the Technical Director put up a stage set that was inspired by Journey Church’s “Crossing Textures.” ( The tech director pretty much copied the exact specs from Journey Church.

The set stayed up for a solid two years and the senior leadership couldn’t find themselves to part ways with it. They knew the stage needed a new look, so the senior leadership and the creative department put their heads together and came up with a plan.

They had parameters that they needed to stay within—for instance, the crosses had to stay as did the wood wall. That didn’t give Jonathan many options to work with. However, they got creative and this is what they came up with.

Their total budget for the re-design was around $1,600. They stripped the stage down to bare bones and painted the gigantic wood wall all black. This was within the parameters since the wall was still technically there. They also made sure senior leadership understood it was being painted black.

From there they mounted LED tape within the crosses, and powered that with a DMX decoder and power supply from Holiday Coro.

They painted foam board black and mounted that on the backside of the crosses. This toned down the crosses, and still gave Jonathan flexibility to have them there when the pastor wants to see them, and also to take them out of the show altogether.

Jonathan has never been a fan of drum cages. So they had a low profile riser fabricated from a local metal fabricator, and they bought a new kit that would give them the flexibility to mix the house at an acceptable level while keeping the cage off the stage.

What that gave them was the ability to mount lighting in better locations to even out the stage.

They put Coroplast on the Colorado Batten 144’s to diffuse the LED’s. With the zone controllable features, they are able to do some really attractive looking chases with the light bars.

Here’s a list of Lighting gear they used:
Chauvet RH1 hybrid – 4
Chauvet R2 Spot – 15
Chauvet R2 Wash – 10
Chauvet Colorado Batten Tour 144 – 12
Chauvet Color Dash Par Quad 18 – 20











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