Stage Designs

God’s Eye

Trevor Clements from Cedarbrook Church in Menomonie, WI brings us this lightweight and well-lit set.

This back drop was inspired by  Stage Siding.

After switching to LEDs Trevor and his team wanted a new design to show them off. Challenged with a corner stage and limited space, the design needed to be slim and symmetrical. Also the large structure needed to be lightweight and maneuverable for a safe and easy set up.

They first started by building the sections with 4×8 sheets of lightweight Coroplast and taped them together on the backside. Then they cut strips 2 3/4 inch wide from Styrofoam sheets (1 inch thick) gluing them to the Coroplast sections to make a diamond pattern. Using a speed square and 45 degree angles, they started in the middle and worked their way to the outside of each section. They found it helpful to use wood blocks as spacers between the strips. The strips were glued with Styrofoam glue and needed to dry over night before moving them.

The two small diamond sections were 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide and the large diamond section (made in two pieces) was 12 feet tall by 20 feet wide. (see pics) These sections were then power stapled onto individual wood frames that fit each section using 1″ x 6″ x 12′ planks of wood. Wood legs were also screwed to the frames so the structure would stand 18 inches off the stage floor. After the panels were stapled onto the frames they were lifted up into place and wires were attached to the tops and secured to the ceiling rafters.

Altogether, 15 sheets of 4×8 Coroplast and about 6 sheets of 4×8 Styrofoam were used. A total of 12 LEDs were aimed from each corner towards the diamond in the center of each section from above and below.

The total cost of the project added up to around $260 not counting the wood that was on hand.











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