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Dimpled Pieces

John Lindsey from Young Americans Christian School in Conyers, GA brings us these cool textured pieces for their stage.

The total cost for the design materials were around $100. The panels were called rafter vents (available at Lowes) that have the feel of an egg carton. They cost $1.50 per section. The squares were built in rows of three and attached with finishing line at each corner. Each row was then rigged with two small carabiner clips at the top so they could easily be removed or moved if needed. There were 28 carabiner clips used ($30). Once the panels were evenly spaced and hung, LED lights were placed below them to illuminate. The great thing is they can fold into each other if you need to store them for a period of time. Easy set up and easy breakdown.

Chapel Leadership Program is a class offered at this school where students learn how to construct inexpensive church stage designs as well as gain experience and knowledge of lighting, sound, worship, and media.







Bender Rays Up, Rays Down

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  1. james tucker says:

    very cool! great job

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