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TV Land

Sean Noble from Genesis Church in McKinney, TX brings us this stage design that looks somewhat like a TV or movie set.

The original idea for this set was for the kids to feel like they were part of the studio audience for a new TV show called “Gen Kids in TV Land”. They used foam board signs (applause, laughter, silence, and awww). They were medium-sized black pieces of foam that could be held in one hand. Sean used the gold metallic sharpies to write on the foam board so they could be seen from far away.

They already had the director’s chair in storage, but they found the cardboard camera, the cardboard clapper, and a pack of movie night cutouts on Oriental Trading. The light trees you see on either side of the stage were purchased from CheapLights in Dallas. They put them all on a power strip and connected them to their lighting system with an Elation Unibar so their lighting technician could dim them as needed. They also put up four audience-facing portable work lights on their front lighting truss. These were tied into their lighting system via a Unibar as well. They happened to have these on hand in storage as well, but they can be found at Lowes or Home Depot (Bayco 150-Watt Incandescent Portable Work Light).

As far as their projection goes, they created a mask in Photoshop of an old-fashioned black and white TV set and setup a template in ProPresenter so all their graphics and videos fit in the television screen (going for the idea that their screens were preview monitors for the show). They also setup a live camera feed through ProPresenter so whoever was on the stage was also on the screens.

On the sides, there were two projectors projecting onto the banners on the sides of the room and the masking was done through ProPresenter.

Overall budget for this set was $400 (this included the light trees and lights as well).





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  1. Carlos says:

    wow !!!!! its amazing

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