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Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this Jurassic experience for their kids.

They used scrap pieces of 1/4″ OSB board for the T-Rex. It was drawn out free-hand and cut with a jigsaw, primed, and painted a base color green. Then a talented volunteer filled in the details. A base was built on the stage with 2×4’s and then the pieces were attached together and secured with 2×4’s running directly from the dino to the frame. The t-rex was 15 feet tall!

The Stegosaurus was framed out in 2×4’s and chicken wire and paper-mached using large strips of brown craft paper. The armored plates and tail spikes are 1/4 styrofoam pieces cut out and secured by bamboo sticks.

The Pterodactyls and eggs are also 1/4″ styrofoam, cut to shape and painted. The nest was brown craft paper and greenery.

The volcano was made from a 2×4 frame and the top 3 feet covered in chicken wire. Then 12ft pieces of purple craft paper were painted with gray squiggles, then secured on the top with clothes pins and the bottom with short pieces of 2×4’s. This allowed no movement, but gave the paper form and depth as the frame was covered. Then it was painted with spray paint using black and red, then neon colors of orange and yellow. They built the frame to support a guitar player. Say what?!

And last, but not least, green indoor/outdoor carpet used many times and some greenery to add some realistic elements.

Estimated cost: $48
Estimated time: 28 hours







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