Stage Designs

Dissected Panels

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us these cool dissected panels for their back stage wall.

The primary series of the summer was Letters to the Next President. They wanted to come up with a generic look that would work for the series but then last for the entire summer and was fairly inexpensive to produce.

The panels in the foreground were built with 2x4s making up the outer structure and then reinforced with 1x2s diagonally to achieve the desired design. The whole structure was then painted with a dark brown paint. Oyster colored Voile fabric was then stretched across the backside of the flats and stapled along the edges.

Each panel was designed with different dimensions to achieve the asymmetric design. The panels were all designed at less than 12’ so that they could fly four of the panels out via pulley systems in order to remove the risers from the stage.

The trusses were hung off balance to add to the asymmetrical random design. The lights were hung low so that they could use their LEDs to light the middle panels and so that they would create some energy with some of the moving lights. The truss at the roof was hung so that the moving lights hung off of them could easily light the side panels. The truss was also backlit with LEDs hitting an acrylic panel that we had cut out and placed on the front side of the truss.

The back wall was covered with 3’ wide 40’ long strips of grey kraft paper that they had crumpled up and then stapled to the wall. It was lit from above with our 6 High End Studio Colors.


One/Two/Three/Four Point Lighting Techniques Glittery Swag