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Diverse Boxes

Gerrit Hoeks from Calvary Chapel South in Kent, WA brings us these two fun options for stage designs using cardboard shipping boxes.

He purchased eighty 2-foot white boxes from Uline for just over $400.

He got the idea and the how-to from a video by Brandon Cook.



Projection and Lights Big Plank Trees

12 responses to “Diverse Boxes”

  1. Janet says:

    I really like this – The way the boxes are configured and the use of lighting, actually creates additional shapes within the shapes.

  2. Brandon Cook says:

    This looks great! Fantastic job guys!

  3. Aulden Black says:

    Love it. May I ask, what kind of projector did you use and at what distance did you mount it?

  4. Gerrit says:

    We actually didn’t use projects on our boxes. The color is from LED light bars

  5. David says:

    We are thinking of doing a similar design at an event in June. I’m wondering about how deep the stage needs to be to pull this off. Was your event all lit from the ground up? How far away did the lights need to be to get a good angle on the boxes?

    • gerrit says:

      the boxes are 2 by 2 ft –
      so with lights you should count on 3ft of you stage being eaten up.

      we have color rails on the floor and the ceiling. the ones on the floor are just about foot away from the base.

  6. Lem LeRoy says:

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. We’re planning on using this for our summer stage design. What kind of tape did you use? Thanks!

  7. sharon says:

    Were the LED lights on the floor or ceiling?

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