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Andrew Leslie from Cambridge Community Church in Cambridge, United Kingdom brings us this stage design for their yearly Womens Conference (Breathe).

This year they decided to change venue from their normal Sunday location to another church in the middle of the city to accommodate for more people.

Budget was limited to around £30,000 (GBP) (Roughly $49,050) for the whole conference—including venue hire and equipment hire.

The building was basically an empty shell, so everything had to be brought in and installed on the Friday ready for the conference on the Saturday at 9am. This included all of the staging, which had to be built over the existing features installed in the church.

Power was limited so everything was checked to make sure it wouldn’t draw too much power.

The main ‘design’ was focused around the 3 projection screens, which were projection mapped allowing them to show motion loops across all 3 screens. They also allowed them to show totally separate things on each screen—as well as having a motion loop they were able to put a feed from their cameras up and words for the songs.

Due to a short distance between their main truss and the main middle projection screen, they chose to reverse project the middle screen and then flip the image allowing it to be seen the right way round to the congregation.

Along side their projection they had 2 HD Video Cameras and the ability to vision mix allowing then to create dynamic live video which was then recorded for later use.

The lighting was mostly LED, allowing them to stay beneath the power limit in the building. Lighting control was from a Chamsys MQ60 and was operated by Andrew Leslie.

For the lighting they had 2 Showtec Sunstrips, a GLP Impression, and an LED Par on each of the truss stands at the back of the stage giving nice back light for the cameras. They had a further 6 GLP Impressions on their main truss allowing them to color wash the stage and the room in some cases.

They also had 14 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 300’s which were their main moving heads, allowing them to create mid air effects.







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2 responses to “Projection and Lights”

  1. Joshua says:

    It makes me sad that they covered that awesome back wall.

  2. Nenaji says:

    Hi. When you said budget was limited to $49,050. Is this for installation or total to buy all the light features and do the installation?

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