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Most Popular Stage Designs from 2013

Last year, CSDI got over 4,600,000 views from stage designers all around the world. I’m so grateful for everyone who contributes to the site and makes this possible. Because CSDI reaches such a large audience, we can really see what trends churches are buying into most. I thought I’d share with you the top ten stage designs from 2013 and how many views each design got. Enjoy! (See if you can guess where 2014 is going…)

1. Air Filtered – 23,355 views this year
Originally posted: October 19, 2012

2. Midsummer Night’s Porch – 17,179 views this year
Originally posted: October 31, 2012

3. Big Baller – 14,762 views this year
Originally posted: July 20, 2012

4. Homemade Baptisms – 14,572 views this year
Originally posted: September 6, 2011

5. Mountains and Stars – 11,811 views since it was posted
Originally posted: February 14, 2013

6. Destroyed Angel Wings – 10,367 views this year
Originally posted: November 21, 2012

7. Squared Wings – 9,936 views since it was posted
Originally posted: May 7, 2013

8. Tall Ball Wall – 8,985 views since it was posted
Originally posted: February 8, 2013

9. Reclaimed Christmas Stage – 8,269 views since it was posted
Originally posted: September 11, 2013

10. Advent Paper Chains – 7,854 views this year
Originally posted: December 25, 2012

Pallet Front, String Back Projection and Lights

8 responses to “Most Popular Stage Designs from 2013”

  1. Joey riggins says:

    Interesting top 10… Personally I think #3 is the best executed and most eye appealing design with #7 a close second. I can’t really tell from this list where 2014 is going from a design point,I just hope the year of the pallet wall is over :) Good job designers.

  2. Jody Pickett says:

    A very interesting top 10 but it is titled the “Most Popular Stage Designs.” Looks like the list was formed form total views and you can’t argue with that! This type of resource is great for a church like mine. We are a small staff and we can execute so much more if we quit trying to recreate the wheel and focus on the Gospel. We’ll let the bigger church staffs create the new “Pallet Wall” of 2014 and we’ll soon follow with a version that fits our needs.

    • Joey says:

      Interestingly enough, not one pallet set design made this list, yet they were everywhere on the site. Obviously the most popular trend of 2013. That leads me to believe that this list,being based on clicks per design alone, isn’t actually a dipiction of what’s most popular more so than than what’s most instantly appealing to the eye. To see what’s actually the most popular, we have to take an overall look at what was most posted throughout the year and it wasn’t air filters, just sayin… I do disagree with the notion that large staffs should set the trend.. I’m a one man show with only 1 or 2 volunteers per set change and while I never feel like I “need” to reinvent the wheel, I do my best to bring fresh ideas to my stages. The whole purpose behind this site is to inspire creativity in others through design. Yes we all take ideas from csdi and that’s great. I’ve helped many churches recreate my exact stages they have seen on this site and I’m glad to do it. However, just because the workers are few doesn’t mean designing something original couldn’t happen. Obviously that’s not a priority for you and that’s cool too. We all have great ideas that we can add to the church in every area. My goal is to inspire that, this site helps me do it. I’m glad it helps your church as well.

      • Ashley Walker says:

        #2 Midsummer Night’s Porch and #5 Mountain and Stars are both pallet board designs. So, they did make the list. The pallet stage set at our church was inspired by #2 and people LOVE it.

  3. Jody Pickett says:

    You are right Joey. Not all small staffs shouldn’t create. You should always work towards your strengths and ours isn’t stage design. I spend more time creating worship sets and graphics than anything else. In my time left over, I will sometimes create a set using inspiration from others incorporating some of my own ideas. To be honest though, I love to duplicate great ideas that I see in places like this. I get more bang for my buck (actual $$$ and time). We are 8 years into planting and are still portable. That makes set designs really challenging with little set-up time and nearly zero on-site storage. Makes me want to only do environmental projection. Maybe I can find some images of pallets and project those all over the stage!

    Even though the actual pallet design didn’t make this list, there are still 4 “reclaimed wood” style designs. I would fit those in the same look. And for those wondering, I think it was and still is a great look! Here’s to 2014, the year of the ________! (What do you think Joey? Saran Wrap, Concrete, Styrofoam, …)

  4. I think the most appealing, and showing the most unusual construction and creativity,,is the “Air Filter Lights”,
    My husband and I have been Senior Pastors of 4 Churches and always looked for design that took advantage of something relatively inexpensive but eye appealing and not distracting. We are so impressed with the Air Filter Light design.

  5. James Tucker says:

    I am very thankful for this site.

    Back in 2006 when I was just starting to tinker with my stage the only online resources were sites like Northpointe that used 30 flat screen TVS to make their stage look.

    So thankful for this resource.

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