Christmas Designs

Pallet Front, String Back

Jared Koopman from Loveland Church of the Nazarene in Loveland, CO brings us their first stage design doe Christmas.

They wanted to add something simple that wasn’t too expensive. So they found the idea Rippled Geometry and decided to do their own version of that.

The design was simply PVC pipe painted with a metallic silver finish, and silver Christmas tree beads from Walmart. Each pipe had 18 x 18ft strands. Each strand was attached with zip ties. The bar was hung using fishing line. They were then lit with a Chauvet Slimpar Quad6 LED on the floor.

Then they added pallets to the front of the stage, Christmas trees on the site, and strung Christmas lights in between them all.






Points and Dots Most Popular Stage Designs from 2013

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