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Dollar Dollar Bill

Aaron Busse brings us this money stage design from Explore Church in Fuquay-Varina, NC.

To create this beautiful set they scanned a crisp new dollar bill and made this checkerboard pattern. They printed these inblack and white on paper for about $65. They then glued the paper to MDF. They tinted the glue with green food coloring to bring back the green color of the dollar bill.

They mounted them a few inches out from the wall to give it some depth. Then they lit the stage with 12 par 56’s. They got their inspiration from here.

Though their stage is small (9 feet tall to the ceiling, 8 feet deep, and 8 foot wide) they did a beautiful job!

Kissing on Stage Imagine

2 responses to “Dollar Dollar Bill”

  1. Sue Dumler says:

    Excellent job! They always have the neatest set designs. They are a very creative team.

  2. Jacob says:

    What program is being used to design this? I think it’s in the last picture

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