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Austin Whelan from Hope Church in Dallas, Georgia, brings us this imaginative stage set.

This set was from their “Imagine” series. Using a projector, Austin traced the letters onto the 1/2 inch pink foam board. The letters were cut out using a handheld jig-saw. Then he painted the foam board with Kilz Latex White paint. The letters were attached to a thin board using a nail gun.

To give the word the feeling of floating in a cloud they used cotton which was just thrown on there with hot glue. To light up the word Austin used 2 LED par cans per word. The Roman columns were a prop they’d had for years, so he just used them for an added effect. The columns were wrapped with white Christmas lights. Hanging on the back walls was his “precious” aluminum sheeting that can be purchased at Home Depot for $40.

Dollar Dollar Bill PVC a'Plenty

4 responses to “Imagine”

  1. Jill V says:

    Nice…. I like the lighting on the columns. But it all ties together well. Can you tell me more about the aluminum sheeting? Different than screen? Can you reuse? Ever try painting it?
    Great job!

  2. Hey! Thank you so much for the comments! The aluminum sheeting is something that I found wondering the isles of home depot. In the screening department. For doors, fences, and so on. Almost like chicken wire but much thinner. And yes you may reuse it. I used it last year and just folded it up and put it away! A great buy. And I have not tried painting it, but will throw that idea in the box.

  3. Gerson Ramirez says:

    How do you get the crumpled effect on the sheet ? Do you staple it together in different areas ? thanks

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