Stage Designs

Don’t Crumple Me!

“Oh the humanity!” screamed the onlookers as the set was crushed and contorted. It was a dark day for window screening…but a great day for stage design!

Steven Hall brings us this set design for a special acoustic concert featuring Sanctus Real at Northland Church in Longwood, FL. The set was adapted from one used by Anne Militello for the Decemberists. The back drop is Aluminum Window Screening that was zipped tied together every 6 inches at the seams.

Once made into a solid drop, they crushed and contorted the mesh until it looked very dimensional. They used some conventional striplights and 6 Studio Color 575s to light the backdrop. The whole backdrop (screens) cost less than $150 (at Lowe’s) and took an afternoon to set up. Pretty cool, huh?

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