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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Angela Yee from University Covenant Church in Davis, California brings us this waterfall scene.

In January, along with their “Essentials” sermon series, they created a hiking environment for their stage, complete with a waterfall. The series was about the spiritual tools God has given us for our life journey and was about the basics of our beliefs.

They used some frames made of 2x4s that they keep around the church for their summer day camp sets. Their construction volunteers thought of a system to make these frames so they could be disassembled and stacked out in the yard between uses.

Once the frames were structured, they stapled chicken wire to the frame. They ended up having to rent scaffolding because of the large amount of hours that would need to be spent up in the air.

Then Angela crumpled up brown butcher paper and hot glued it to the chicken wire. She crinkled it along the length of the paper so that the rocks kind of had a “grain.” It looked more natural this way. Then, using paint, she painted in highlights and shadows. Putting the paint in cups and a cake pan really helped.

They draped white voile cloth over the top. It really just fell into a hole in the top. Also, they placed silk plants and bushes in various nooks and crannies. Everything was held in by friction… no glue or tape anywhere. They did have to safety pin the fabric on the back to keep it from falling down, though.

Then they put colored lights on the waterfall.

They  got a sign printed at Kinkos and the frame was made with leftover wood and styrofoam backing.









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4 responses to “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls”

  1. Nice! Like how you recycled old flats!

  2. Matt says:

    Nice! How did you manage to light it? Are you uplighting it or anything special? Just using pars?

  3. Angela Yee says:


    Everything was just lit from above using Fresnels.

    If you’d like specifics, see: http://angelayee.com/2014/06/02/waterfallrock-stage-design/

  4. MJ says:

    Thanks for sharing ! We are doing something similar for our church parade float this year. :) God Bless

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