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Simple Stacked Rectangles

Garrett Frazier from St. Marks Church in Burlington, NC brings us this simple use of Coroplast on their youth stage.

The white panels were Coroplast sheets that are stapled to a wooden frame painted black so you can’t see it. 6 LED light bars were mounted at the bottom to create the color, and 12 “crowd blinders” were added to top it off. Budget wise, they spent about $150-$200 on everything. (not including the lights)



Pallet Clock Not a Fan Stage

4 responses to “Simple Stacked Rectangles”

  1. Rotmi Babs says:

    I love the simplicity and the way it fills up the space. I can’t see the blinders though. Where are they pls

    • Gfraz12 says:

      The crowd blinders are located in between the white coroplast panels –
      You can see them lit up in the photo with the band.

  2. Tracy says:

    This is great. Thanks for sharing. Just so I know, what are crowd blinders?

  3. Garrett Frazier says:

    Thanks Tracy!
    “Crowd blinders” are the big, bright spots that point outward from the stage into the crowd! You see them a lot of times in concerts.
    You can see them in action (along with the set) here –

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