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Dot Boxes

Josh Williams from Velocity Church in Taylors, SC brings us these hole-filled cardboard boxes.

This design was for their summer camp. The theme was “MOVE”.

The posters spelling out “move” were purchased with the curriculum from Orange. The initial idea was to set Chauvet Colorstrips vertically in between the posters, but the height of the stage made the lights too intense.

Instead, they used cardboard boxes that they found, cut 4″ holes, lined them with wax paper, and back lit them.

The cardboard boxes were slightly larger than the standard size square box, and they cut them and used two boxes per to create the larger box. They simply taped them together.


They attached four Chauvet Colorstrips to the back wall, and set the boxes about a foot and a half in front to catch the light. Their movers are Chauvet Intimidator 350s, and they were using Chauvet Colorpanels inside the drum cage to create a blinders effect.

They were aiming for a low budget design to save up for their next design, and the total cost for this design was under $100, and it all went toward spray paint and the wax paper.





Questionable Dots Alternating

One response to “Dot Boxes”

  1. Hello :
    Thank you for sharing your awesome Dot Stage Design. I’m just not clear on the type of boxes you used and where did you acquire them?
    Thank you for any help.
    Julie Faircloth
    Dexter Lake Church
    Battle Creek, Michigan

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