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Rippled Diamonds

Crystal Knight from Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, Virginia brings us this use of overlapped ceiling tiles.

She used Coroplast (6mil) and ceiling tile for the six panels. She overlapped the four front panels and used one in the back to create dimension. They were attached to small trusses using hot glue. The VICTORY wall (10mil) and cross (6mil) were white Coroplast. The word VICTORY was cut out of 24″ x 36″ black poster board. The cross was thinner Coroplast edged with black duct tape.

The wall was back lit with lights mounted on the truss so they would be high enough. However, the front of the wall was lit during the whole service and when their worship band sang a certain chorus the wall was backlit and the word VICTORY appeared. The congregation was amazed.

There were also three TV’s between each design panel. They also had baptisms that day so there are two additional panels in the baptismal area. The total cost was approx. $400 but the budget was $3000 so she made a lot of people happy. And all the material can be used for other stage sets.




Jitter Plates Questionable Dots

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