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Dots Between Projection

James Tucker from Christ’s Church in Jacksonville, FL brings us these light strips and projection panels.

They already had some 5’ x 8’ spandex shadow boxes left over from another series. So using two Optoma ultra short throw projectors (model W307UST), a Mac Mini running Pro Presenter, and a Matrox Triple Head2Go, they projected video on the spandex. They used the masking feature to add “black” between the screens and to keep bleed off the walls. To get the signal from the Triple Head 150’ through conduit, they purchased a pair of Kanex VGA over Cat 5 extenders (model VGAEXTTX1).

To keep the ground projectors “sync’d” with the lights, they purchased the communications module add on for Pro Presenter. Their console (Jands Vista T2) sent commands via artnet to the Mac Mini. For each service, they created a new show with several song looks and series graphics to make everything match. The Vista would basically tell Pro Presenter which slide to fire per cue.

Another addition to the look was 12 light strips to warm up the look. The strips were your common Altman 3 circuit colored border light strips (model R40-8-3) except they took out all the gel and re loaded them with cheap 65 watt R30 lamps as opposed to its original 300 watt lamps. To keep the strips upright, they removed the original yokes and attached a 24” plywood base with a 1/2” bolt through the bottom. They laid two more in front of their band risers.

They wired each strip to its own dimmer to chase during songs. For the most part, they parked them at 20% to give a nice warm glow and peaked them at maybe 40% during chases—not to abuse the audience too much. The price was awesome too: free! James pulled them out of a high school that was being renovated.

The total cost of the project was under $2000. They had some of the items already in house with the exception of the strip light lamps, projectors (rental), cat 5 extenders, and Communications module.

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Wild Windows Thin Lined Sign

4 responses to “Dots Between Projection”

  1. Blanton says:

    Nice! thanks for the tech tips on the sync of backgrounds.

  2. Real classy design. Of course I like all the screens too!

  3. Kirk says:

    What program did you use for the masking feature?

  4. Ben says:

    Did you front or rear project?

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