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Dropped Spirals

Pam Johnson from Lake City Community Church in Coeur d Alene, Idaho brings us this spiraled stage design.

Her inspiration was the Ellen Show, about 3 years ago when Bruno Mars performed under cool spirals like these. She bought a package of twelve 4’x 8′ polystyrene sheets at a sign supply shop. Then she made a ‘compass’ out of a nail, string, and a pencil and drew a 4′ circle. She free-handed a spiral in that circle, then cut along spiral lines with scissors.

She hung the spirals from catwalks from their centers, at random heights and depths then lit them from above with LED lights.

This set cost about $120 and was a very fun, easy and effective project. When the HVAC system kicked on, the spirals would slowly turn—not enough to distract, but it created some fun movement during worship.

A note about repurposing the spirals: a year or so after this set was put away, they pulled them out, painted each side a different, brilliant color (6 colors total used in many different combinations) and hung them for the big 10 year birthday celebration for their church. (When each side is painted a different color it creates a fun effect when the spirals are expanded.)










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3 responses to “Dropped Spirals”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    This looks awesome! Cool shape and way to catch color!

  2. Tamara Valjean says:

    Pam always does an amazing and inventive job at stage design. She is a very talented and create person!

  3. Lynn Colvin says:

    This looks great! Were each of the spirals attached to a wire cage? I can’t tell for sure from the pictures whether each one has a support system

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