Christmas Designs

Garland Pyramids

Jan Hansen from Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Lenexa, KS brings us this set using tinsel conduit trees and Ikea stars.

The trees were made from electrical conduit and 4×4 plywood. They basically made tepees out of them. The top of the tree had a 3-4 in piece of conduit that screwed 6 pipes of the same length conduit into. They used 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. In the plywood base, they drilled six holes in the shape of a hexagon. When they stood the tepee up, they secured the bottom of the conduit through the holes with a screw.

From there, they wrapped them in tinsel like you would Christmas tree lights. In the bottom of the trees, they placed a single LED par. They also placed an LED behind each tree to be able to get a 2 tone effect on the trees.

They also hung stars that they purchased from IKEA.

They made 5 trees and spent $140 on tinsel. The conduit was donated. The stars were $15-$20 each (depending on the size).








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